Hi readers,

This is Arielle, and on behalf of all the VOLM staff, we SINCERELY apologize for the massive delay in our blog postings this past year.

As said before, all of our staff are EXTREME perfectionists, and things MUST be done in a timely manner and with excellence. But due to conflicting work/personal schedules, and A LOT of technical difficulties accessing and posting on our blog… WE HAVE NEVER, EVER BEEN THIS DELAYED and hope to NEVER be this delayed again. I, personally, take full responsibility and sincerely apologize for the delay.

Below are the blogs from all our class and event blogs since our last post back in September 2014. We thank you for your patience and look out for those class blogs as well.

Enjoy, and see you next class!

– Arielle


Improv Sewing (Class on 4-26-15) by Arielle

Hi readers,

Today’s class was the typical work day, with Arianna finishing up her blouse and sewing her last two buttons on. I, too, went back to sewing my blue wool jacket after setting it aside for my final projects at school.

On top of the sewing today, Counselor Barboza hopped in and out with her iPhone filming little interviews from Arianna and I about the program here at VOLM, and answering the question “Why do you get up in the morning to come to class at La Moda?” Needless to say, Arianna nailed her improv interview so much that I felt like, “I have to come after THAT? LOL.”

Anyways, those interviews, while working on our sewing projects in class, reminded us of why we do what we do here at VOLM. As students, we love coming here and building up the necessary skills for our dream careers in fashion. As a staff/ Instructor’s Assistant, I love being able to share what I learned from the VOLM staff with the newer students like Arianna, because I remember what it’s like not to have a program like this and the resources given through VOLM.


Buttons, Buttons and More Buttons (Class on 4/18/15) by Arianna

Today, I started working on my buttons and after I am finished with the buttonholes, which Arielle will teach me how to do. Today, Julia supervised our class because Mrs. Greco is in Atlanta and Ms. Soares happened to be caught up in a project at work. Yet it worked out fine, because I got to learn more about Arielle and Nika. We seemed to have a lot in common, and learn new things about each other. I never knew Arielle, Nika and I all have similar binging habits with Netflix. My buttons, I also realized, have similar colors of my Superman fabric, which worked out and were matching nicely. Going to work more on our blogs and social media accounts, so you’ll have to wait and see what we have in store for you.


Work While Talking (Class on 4/18/15) by Arielle

Hi readers!

This morning’s class was very energetic (and talkative) to say the least! Whether it was because we haven’t had class in two weeks because of spring break and/or we just missed each other, sewing was a lot of fun with Arianna.

Because Mrs. Greco is in Atlanta, GA and Ms. Soares is at work today, I had the pleasure of TA-ing today’s Sewing and Design class. Arianna just finished hand-sewing most her buttons on her blouse. With two more buttons left and buttonholes, her first sewing project will (finally!) be done! YAY!!!!!!!

Arianna also brought in her beautiful black and red satin brocade for her next project (the dress), and her Cynthia Rowley pattern, which made my jaw drop! This project is going to be GORGEOUS!

I, on the other hand, took a break from working on my blue jacket, and focused on sewing my “new textile” final for my sustainability class at school. Finals is in full gear at school, but thankfully the skills here at VOLM also help me get my work done while helping youth like Arianna learn the basics.

For more pictures from today’s class, check out our Facebook here.

Can’t wait for next class, and our upcoming Meet and Greet next week! So, stay tuned to our blog at VOLM!


My First Impression of Nika (Class on 03/7/15) by Arianna

Another hard day of work. There has been a student coming to our class for an assignment. She’s very kind and has an interesting angle of looking at things. She will be interviewing us and I hope to get to know more about her. We will be very busy the next few days but in two weeks, Ms. Barboza will be teaching the class and it will be a great way of learning more about everybody including our visiting student, Nika.





We’re Back!!!! (Class on 11/22/14) by Arianna

Today, we are finally back on track, even thought we had a very long delay. We have images on Instagram if you want to see what we have been up to. We have many events coming up in the future so keep up with us and we also hope to have several more classes before the end of 2014. And remember that are website is sadly down for the moment, but you can still catch up with what we are doing on social media.  Instructor’s Assistant, Arielle taught class and made very good progress in making up time that we’ve lost. (If you want more on what we are doing, again go to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.) It feels amazing that the VOLM staff take time out of their lives to try and help my dreams come true. That class just meant the world to me when right in front of my eyes something that I created was coming together. That’s why I really appreciate all the work they put into to making this program happened.

Until next time,                                                                                                                                                                    Arianna M., 12

No Class, but Still Working! (Class on 10/18/14) by Arianna

I have been working on Instagram to get more followers, so far I am up to eighty!  My mum has been working on Twitter and she has been telling me how hard it is to get followers. After the “bullying” class with Miss  Barboza, things have been going better at school. I really appreciate all her help, to being happier and more involved at school.  I really can’t wait till we start sewing/design classes again soon.

-Arianna M., 12